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Why Development of “Traction Engineering Services” is required?

  • Millions of Dollars are proposed to be invested in the Railway Infrastructure development, nationally and internationally. Many New works are sanctioned & on pipe line and will continue for decades since fast growing of new cities and rail connectivity.
  • Public transport systems like Metros, LRT (Light Rail Transport) and dedicated High speed Corridors are planned by many Countries including in India.
  • With the Rapidly building of network of Metros and Railway systems in Middle East, Asia Pacific and other parts.
  • Major MNCs and reputed firms are in the present scenario of projects on turnkey basis.
  • Asset Maintenance & operation wings are to be strengthened.
  • The present / available resources are not sufficient to meet the above challenges.
  • A wide gap between availability and demand of trained resources has to be filled in.
  • Overcome the Shortage and inadequacy of well trained Engineers and Technical supporters in large size.
  • To support the MNCs and reputed firms by providing the trained staff in the field of Planning, Designing, Execution and Project Management (Corporate office & Field office).
  • For competition, of the upcoming projects, in time with competent Technical personalities with latest technical knowledge and scientific approach.
  • Requires trained Engineers and work force in large number on ready to use basis.
  • Surge in the trained resources, for the immediate activities.
  • Fresh Engineers and other technical hands are required to be exposed the technical knowhow and methodology in their respective discipline as the trend of public transport system is going to be continued for Decades.
  • Enhanced productivity in short period by giving adequate training through Foundation courses.

As on 2018, some of the Major works on anvil – Domestically.